we are a locally owned cafe on saint charles avenue serving simple, fresh food and delicious drinks. our focus is on bringing to you quality ingredients to your plate and cup; from fellow new orleans based bakeries and locally sourced coffee to our own homemade recipes. during every part of your day you come enjoy great food in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.




(504) 301-2097



1907 Saint Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70130



6:30 am - 9:00 pm


sandwiches & salads

all sandwiches come with a side salad of greens, tomatoes, pickled onions, dill, and lemon vinaigrette or kettle potato chips

add gluten free bread +$.75

bagels and breakfast items

our local coffee providers: Orleans Coffee, Congregation Coffee, Hey! Cafe, French Truck Coffee

freshly baked pastries: Maple Street Patisserie, Shake Sugary, Gracious Bakery, Girls Gone Vegan

marmalades, soups, and pickled goods: The French Pickl’er