cafe menu

available all day


fresh-squeezed juices  $5.50
apple, celery, cucumber, carrot, grapefruit, orange, pineapple
add ginger $0.75

vegan smoothie $6.25
fresh-squeezed orange juice, oat milk, pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, banana and agave

fruit bowl $6.25
fresh berries, grapes, cantaloupe

granola $6.50
greek yogurt, fresh strawberry, blackberry and blueberry drizzled with steen’s cane syrup

quiche with salad $6.75

vegan sandwich on bagel $4.25
plain bagel, hummus, spinach, tomato, onion and cucumber

smoked salmon $10.50
everything bagel, cucumber-dill cream cheese, onions, capers and pickles

croissant sandwich $6.00
rosemary ham, eggs and fontina cheese

bagel sandwich $6.25
sopressata salami, eggs and smoked gouda cheese



sandwiches come with a choice of green salad or chips. 
gluten-free toast available.


italian sandwich $9.75
semolina toast, sopressata salami, ham, spring greens, tomato, butter, fontina cheese and creole mustard

caprese sandwich $8.75
fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato, balsamic greens and basil pesto on semolina toast 

tuna salad sandwich $9.25
multigrain toast, celery, creole mustard, tomato and arugula

turkey sandwich $9.00
fontina cheese, spinach, tomato and mayo on multigrain toast 

chicken salad sandwich $9.50
roasted bell peppers, tomato, celery, almonds and greens on a croissant  


spinach salad $7.50
baby spinach, goat cheese, pecans and strawberries with dijon vinaigrette
add chicken $2.75

arugula salad $7.75
blueberries, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese and honey drizzle
add sopressata salami $2.75

greek salad $7.25

olives, tomato, feta cheese, onion
add smoked salmon $3.75


iced teas $1.50
classic black, organic green, passion fruit   

mighty leaf hot teas $2.25

wine & local beers a.q.

mimosa $6.00
fresh-squeezed orange juice and sparkling wine

bloody mary $7.00
tomato juice, cathead vodka, celery, lemon

screwdriver $7.00
fresh-squeezed oj, cathead vodka

irish coffee $7.00
jameson whiskey, whipped cream

irish cream coffee $7.00
baileys, whipped cream

french press $3.25
regular, chicory or decaf 

pour-over $3.00
regular, chicory or decaf

drip coffee $2.00

cafe au lait $3.00

espresso $2.75

americano $3.00
hot or iced

traditional macchiato $3.25

cortado $3.50

cappuccino $3.75

latte $4.00
hot or iced

cold-brewed iced coffee $3.25 

new orleans-style iced coffee $3.75

japanese-style iced coffee $4.25

frozen coffee & cream $4.25

add flavor $0.75
chocolate vanilla, hazelnut whipped cream, caramel

whole milk substitutes $0.75
oat milk or almond milk